'Identity Thief's Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids) And Jason Bateman Reveal What They Wouldn't Do For Laughs...

Melissa McCarthy may have stretched the boundaries of seemliness in her scene-stealing role of Megan in 'Bridesmaids', but the comedienne and actress admit she does have some strict rules as to what she will and won't do, even to make people laugh.

"I wouldn't do anything unkind," she explains in London, of the eve of her film 'Identity Thief', in UK cinemas this week.

"If you notice, all of my humour is pretty much self-deprecating, it's never out to be cruel or attack someone else. That's pretty much my boundary. Anything else... " she grins, possibly remembering some of her fruitier scenes in both 'Bridesmaids' and her latest film.

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman co-star in 'Identity Thief', a comedy caper in the classic tale

'Identity Thief' sees her steal the online identity of mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson (see how she got away with it?), played by Jason Bateman. Despite his attempts to hunt her down and get his credit rating back on an even keel while bringing her to justice, the pair are forced into a reluctant double-act taking them on highways across America, stopping off at hotels for unseemly scenes and even a quick romp with a passing co-drinker (the real Sandy aka Bateman is an involuntary eavesdropper to this one).

So, if Melissa McCarthy refuses to be unkind on screen, is there anything Jason Bateman wouldn't do for laughs? "Full frontal nudity is the only thing I can think of."

And, before you ask, I did ask him about the future of Arrested Development, amid rumours of a big screen version of the comedy that was binned seven years ago but, due to fans' pleading, brought back by Netflix to be shown later this year? "You know as much as me," was all he could/would say.

'Identity Thief' is in UK cinemas from Friday 22 March. Watch the trailer below...