Apple's New Hire Kevin Lynch Once Destroyed An iPhone In A Blender (VIDEO)

Apple's New Exec Once Crushed And Blended iPhones On Video

Apple's new vice president of technology once destroyed an iPhone in a blender as part of a war of words with Steve Jobs.

In his previous role as CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch was involved in a conflict with Apple over the compatibility of the Flash programming language with the iPhone and iPad.

In 2010 he said that Apple's decision not to allow Flash on its mobile browser ran "counter" to the web. And it wasn't isolated criticism.

"It's not about HTML5 vs. Flash," he said at the time. "The more important question is the freedom of choice on the Web."

Unfortunately for him, Flash never made it to the iOS browser, and the wider move to HTML5 has all but killed Flash as a technology of the future. His hire at Apple is a good indication, if more were needed, that Flash really is dead.

But before that quote was issued, Lynch also starred in a parody video presented at Adobe Max 2009, in which he ran over an iPhone with a steamroller, pretended to blow one up in a car and pulverised one in a kitchen blender. Thanks to Daring Fireball for the link.

The idea was to illustrate that Flash could run on the iPhone - and to announce development tools allowing Apps to be built on its technology.

In truth it's all a bit of fun. But it makes for an awkward video of which to be reminded on your first day at the new office.

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