Dennis Skinner Lashes 'Ranting' George Osborne's Budget 2013 Speech


Dennis Skinner, one of the government's most brutal critics, has described George Osborne's Budget performance as "ranting".

Skinner, dubbed the Beast of Bolsover, said the Chancellor delivered a faltering and choking speech which resulted in him losing his voice.

"He lost it at the beginning," Skinner told The Huffington Post UK. "He was ranting at the beginning. If you're going to do 50 minutes you start slowly quietly and then you can change later on, I should know.

"He had a passage right at the beginning leaning over the mic and that restricts the throat and suddenly his throat went dry.

"I thought from a presentational point of view it was hopeless and when you've got nothing new to say make the presentation pretty good, it spoiled it all really."

He added: "There were no surprises. And what it did reveal is that their electoral strategy is cut to ribbons.

"Mostly your plan is, if you've got five years, is that you have three years of hard graft then you release the peddel. But he hasn't got any room for maneuver that's his problem really."

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