First Day Of Spring Kicks Off To A Cold Start As Snow Falls Across The North (PICTURES)

It's The First Day Of Spring..

The unrelenting cold weather is showing no signs of slowing this week as snow continues to fall across the north.

On the official start of Spring, more light snow will settle throughout the day in the north-east of England and eastern Scotland, adding to large amounts of up to 10cms which hit the regions on Tuesday.

Higher ground will see up to another 5cms, while lower areas could see around two cms - along with parts of Northern Ireland and Wales.

The Midlands and Lincolnshire should also prepare for the risk of light snow on Wednesday.

Biting temperatures of around just one degree will keep its hold on the north and rise just a few degrees in the Midlands. Further south they will hit highs of around nine degrees in Devon.

The Met Office has warned the public to take care in potentially icy conditions because of the low temperatures.

But Friday will see a return of heavier snow storms, which will spread further south to the Midlands.

James Wilby, forecaster at MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said on Wednesday: "It's another cold day in a very cold week.

"There will be more snow in the north but not as heavy as yesterday, though there is a risk it will move slightly lower than yesterday down to the Midlands and through Lincolnshire.

"But there is a chance of more heavy snow in the north on Friday, which at the moment looks like it could also hit parts of the Midlands."

Blizzards which hit Scotland yesterday closed dozens of schools and caused hazardous conditions on the roads.

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