Rihanna Diamonds Tour: Doctors Warn Singer To Quit Partying

Rihanna has been warned by doctors to curb her partying ways or risk damaging her voice for good.

The singer came down with laryngitis earlier this month and was forced to cancel two dates on her Diamonds world tour as a result, and now it has emerged medics were concerned she would have to cancel the whole jaunt.

Doctors have now told RiRi that she needs to make some 'serious lifestyle changes' - starting by giving up drinking and smoking - and it seems she's actually listening.

The source continued: "They've told her that she needs to make some serious lifestyle changes, or risk this happening again.

"This has given her a scare. But Rihanna knows it's partly self-inflicted.

"She loves to smoke, drink and stay up late. Her body was bound to need a break at some point. She's now on a mission to start looking after herself."

However, despite her new healthy approach to life, there's still one habit RiRi is finding hard to break - being late.

She was forced to delay her gig in Canada last night by 90 minutes after her equipment was stopped and searched at border control.

"They held my trucks at the border!!!" she tweeted. "This is not a good look for Winnipeg! My stage is in those trucks, disassembled!

"This means, the entire production could potentially start at a later time. My bus and I are at the venue! Still no trucks!'"

Well at least she had the decency to tell people she was going to be late this time. Perhaps she really is a changed woman?

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