Tuilsa Debuts New Hairdo As She Attempts To Crack America (PICS)

With a cloud of doubt hanging over her 'X Factor' future, Tulisa certainly looks like she means business about this cracking America malarkey.

Well, she is The Female Boss after all.

The singer made an impression with her new Hollywood make-over in LA on Monday, debuting a sleek new hairdo as she attended a business meeting.

Her wardrobe has had a bit of an overhaul too, with a smart blazer teamed with denim hotpants replacing her trackies.

Tulisa has made no secret of her desire to star in a Hollywood film and the meeting could have been about potential film roles

Earlier this year, she teased that she was auditioning for roles.

"I'm back into my acting this year - I'm hoping to get into a couple of films," she told reporters at January's National Television Awards.

"I do actually have plans to go to Hollywood and do a couple of auditions, but we'll see how it pans out," she said.

Let's hope her new role is nothing like the last home movie she starred in.

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