Google Glass Explorers: First Six 'Real People' Picked To Try Wearable Headsets

Google has revealed the first few 'real people' who have been picked to try its Google Glasses.

The search giant's new wearable computer features voice recognition, a camera and a pared down OS which allows users to message, call and share pictures with each other.

While plenty of celebs and Googlers have been spotted wearing Google Glass, it's trickier for 'regular' people to get hold of them.

Recently Google asked potential beta testers to use social media to tell them what they would do if they had the chance to try out the new product, using the tag #ifihadglass on social media. The idea was to find people with unique stories, images and ideas, and bring them on board to test the product to its full potential.

"Glass isn't the sort of technology you can develop in a conference room -- we really need people to take it out into the world and see what they'd like to do with it across a wide range of hobbies, lifestyles, and environments," said Google in an email.

Known as "explorers" that group will still have to pay $1,500 for the glasses, as well as attend a launch event in person.

Now the company has picked its first users, and they're an interesting mix from fire-fighters to zoo keepers.

Here art the first six Google has unveiled out of the 8,000 Explorers who will get their hands on the product before you do.

Google Glass

Google Glass