Jade Anderson Death: Police Say No Previous Reports Of Dangerous Dogs At Address

Police say there had been no previous reports of dangerous dogs at an address where a teenager was mauled to death.

Jade Anderson died after the attack in Atherton, Greater Manchester on Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Superintendent Mark Kenny of Greater Manchester Police said the most likely scenario was that Jade was attacked by four dogs some time between 1pm and 2pm.

He previously said her family were "devastated" by the news.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: "The most likely scenario is that Jade was attacked by four dogs, that is still part and parcel of the investigation.

"That clearly is the most likely scenario of what's happened but we're looking obviously at all options.

"That happened between around 1pm and 2pm yesterday afternoon," he said, adding that police attended shortly after 2pm when Jade was found.

He added: "We have had no contact or reports, Greater Manchester Police, regarding reports for example of dangerous dogs at this location. We've certainly not had any incidents here.

"This is the first incident of this nature we have attended at this location."

He said officers had spoken to the owner of the dogs, the owner's family, neighbours and other members of the


He said he was not aware of other authorities or agencies that had had reports of dogs dangerously out of control in the area.

Kenny said Jade was alone at the address at the time but it was still unknown exactly what had sparked the attack.

He said he was not aware that the dogs were unlawful, but experts are due to confirm exactly what breed they are to make sure they are not illegal.

Refusing to be drawn into commenting on laws governing dangerous dogs, he said: "I am sure this will spark a further debate but that is not for today, for me now.

"My priority now is the family of Jade, my priority is to find out what's happened here and to work within the law and the legislation as it stands now."

Kenny said to describe the situation as tragic was an understatement, and said Jade's family were still in shock and "clearly very upset".

He said that Jade knew the family, and had stayed at the address before, but officers are looking into how well she knew the dogs.

Kenny said Jade's family was receiving the support of a police Family Liaison Officer as the investigation into the circumstances continues.

He added: "Our response is now two-fold - to continue to provide whatever support is necessary to the family alongside a painstaking investigation to establish the truth of what happened.