Dangerous Dogs: Two Arrested In Devon On Suspicion Of Breeding Pit Bull Types

A woman and a man have been arrested in Devon on suspicion of breeding of illegal Pit Bull Type dogs.

Police seized four dogs from the address in the Newport area of Barnstaple that are prohibited under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 unless exempted by a court order.

Once a dog has been identified as a Pit Bull “type,” the dog can be returned under the order of a court if they are satisfied that it would not constitute a danger to the public.

If a Pit Bull Type dog is returned, it must be owned under certain strict conditions.

These are that it is micro-chipped, tattooed, insured, neutered, muzzled in public, kept on a lead and held by someone 16 or over.

Commented Praveen Naidoo: “Devon and Cornwall Police take offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act seriously.

“Dangerous dog breeds cause significant concern within the community and we will act positively when offences are suspected under this legislation.”

Earlier this week 14-year-old girl was killed by a pack of "aggressive and out of control" dogs as she ate a meat pie.

Jade Anderson's body was discovered with wounds consistent with a dog attack at a house shortly after 2pm on Tuesday.

It is thought the teenager was visiting the property in Atherton, near Wigan and was alone with the four dogs - two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers - which were later shot by police marksmen.

They want to see 'dog wardens' given the power to enforce laws inside people's homes as well as on the street.

Neighbours and passers-by would be able to report dangerous-looking animals to the authorities if they spotted them in people's homes and gardens.