04/04/2013 09:21 BST | Updated 04/06/2013 06:12 BST

Anonymous Hack North Korean News Agency's Twitter And Flickr Account

Anonymous hackers appear to have followed through on a promised hack of North Korean websites by taking control of the central news agency Uriminzokkiri's website, Twitter account and Flickr page.

Earlier hacktivists claiming to be part of Anonymous said they had compromised 15,000 accounts on the website.

They posted details of some of the accounts and posted an explanatory note in which they made clear they were acting independently, and not for the US or South Korea.

It was initially unclear whether the claims were accurate, as the published data wasn't easily verifiable.

The hackers claimed to have access to email accounts and intranet servers that are not reportedly connected to the external net.

But by Thursday afternoon it was clear that Anonymous had at least been able to access public websites operated by the news agency. The main Uriminzokkiri website was inaccessible, thought to be the victim of a DDoS or similar attack.

Meanwhile on the North Korean Flickr page a propaganda poster depticting leader Kim Jong-Un as a pig and labelling him "Nuke Nuke Mickey Lover" had replaced images of marching soldiers and smiling generals:


Another imposed the famous Anonymous mash over a North Korean flag, while another declared simply 'We Are Anonymous'.

On Twitter the news agency's account declared simply:

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