05/04/2013 08:41 BST | Updated 05/04/2013 08:48 BST

Harry Styles Poses In Bed For One Direction Film As Director Promises Lots Of Nakedness

Many girls (and grown women) have long wondered what it would be like to wake up next to Harry Styles.

Well, thanks to the 'One Direction: This Is Us' director, Morgan Spurlock, they now know.

He posted a snap of Mr Styles coming round from his slumbers on Twitter, teasing the band's upcoming 3D movie.

Talk about a Friday treat.

Morgan has also been spilling the beans on what fans can expect from the film, promising "more shirtless moments than you can imagine".

Sounds good to us, but we'll have to take along a few tissues too by the sound of it.

"There have been some really lovely emotional moments that we’ve captured. I think fans may shed a tear or two while watching," Morgan added.

"We spend a lot of down time with the band, with their families and friends. We really wanted you to see what their ‘normal’ lives are like."

The film is due to hit cinemas later this year.


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