05/04/2013 10:03 BST

Louis C.K. Reveals Why He Doesn't Pose For Photos With Fans (VIDEO)

If you were lucky enough to see Louis C.K. perform in London recently, you'll know the anecdote he regales to David Letterman in the video above. But a) we can never get enough of Mr Szekely, b) it's nice to see his face close-up when he tells the story and c) he does of course, come out with other slices of brilliance during this most recent appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman'.

And if you didn't see him? Well, you get all the joys of his Letterman guest slot including the story about two women who wanted to have their photograph taken with him... or so he thought.

Click play to enjoy the man Rolling Stone just called The Funniest Person Now sharing his thoughts on fans, raising kids, his TV show - and more.