Margaret Thatcher Dead: Watch Her Singing 'My Way' And Other Classic 'Spitting Image' Clips (VIDEO)

So Baroness Thatcher has passed away at the age of 87.

And for a generation of comedy fans, she will be remembered not just as "Thatch", the nemesis of alternative comedians, but also in her 'Spitting Image' puppet form.

Voiced by Steve Nallon, Spitting Image's portrayal of the former Prime Minister was a shrieking, cabinet-ruling tyrant who often wore a man's suit - although she softened considerably whenever she was in the presence of her love interest, Ronald Reagan.

The satire was brave, biting - and brilliant. So with the Iron Lady's passing, we think it's only fit that we look back on her legacy with Spitting Image's take on it. Click play on the video above to see her rendition of 'My Way' - and enjoy some more classic clips below...

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