Topless Femen Protesters Surprise Vladimir Putin And Angela Merkel (VIDEO/PICTUTRES)

This is the moment topless protester, Alexandra Shevchenko, got within inches of two of the world's most powerful leaders.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin and German chancellor, Angela Merkel, were touring an international trade fair in Hanover when three scantily dressed demonstrators burst in.

One, with "Fuck Off Putin" written on her back manages to get close to Putin although he seems pleasantly bemused rather than alarmed.

All three were eventually tackled by security and taken away.

The demonstrators are part of the Femen movement who protest against institutions and organisations seen to stifle women's rights.

They organised a "topless jihad day" as a gesture of support for a Tunisian woman who was threatened with death by stoning for baring her breasts online.

The group have drawn ire from some female Muslim groups who resent the uninvited intervention in their rights.