Topless Femen Protestor, Alexandra Shevchenko, Slams Vladimir Putin After Ambush

The topless Femen protester who ambushed Vladimir Putin on Monday has branded the Russian president "really stupid" and a "bastard".

Alexandra Shevchenko and four other Femen protesters rushed Putin and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at a trade fair in Hanover.

Shevchenko, who had "Fuck Dictator" written on her body in English and Russian came within inches of Putin before being wrestled out by security.

After the incident Putin told a press conference he "liked" the protest and that they had helped to promote the trade fair.

He added: "I did not catch what they were shouting, I did not even see if they were blondes, brunettes or chestnut-haired... it is better to be dressed if one wants to discuss political matter."

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Schevchenko told the Daily Telegraph: "I think his answer was really stupid. It was really in this Russian, post-USSR style.

"The president of a European company would never say something- 'I like her', in such a sexual way.

"He does it because he's a stupid man. Putin is a bastard."

The Femen movement protest against institutions and organisations seen to stifle women's rights.

They organised a "topless jihad day" as a gesture of support for a Tunisian woman who was threatened with death by stoning for baring her breasts online.

The group have drawn ire from some female Muslim groups who resent the uninvited intervention in their rights.