12/04/2013 11:32 BST

Claudia Winkleman, 'Great British Sewing Bee' Host, Defended By Twitter Users After Daily Mail Attack

Seems the Daily Mail have really have it in our for our fave female TV presenters this week.

Fresh from an article that attacked Holly Willoughby for being a "bimbo", infamous columnist Jan Moir has hit out at the lovely Claudia Winkleman.

The 'Great British Sewing Bee' host was at the receiving end of Moir's bile, branding her 'irritating' and saying that she treats viewers like they have "pin cushions for brains".

After ranting about Winklewonkle's (as we like to call her) famous fringe, Moir went on: "However, it is not Claudia’s fringe that bothers me so much. It’s Claudia herself. More to the point, it is Claudia Winkleman’s presenting style that irritates the most."

She added: "She’s obviously a very intelligent woman, yet she speaks to everyone as if they were toddlers who’d just managed to go pee-pees by themselves for the first time. And the way she talks to the television audience is almost as bad."

Twitter users soon took to the site to criticise Moir and defend Claudia.

One wrote: "How does Jan Moir dare criticise you. You're a delightful, attractive & gossipy presenter. That's why you're in demand!!!"

Another said: "Personally I think Claudia Winkleman is a great presenter and I love her fringe #justjealousy"

"So Claudia Winkleman bugs the hell out of Jan Moir. I'd call that a result," another wrote.

Claudia recently admitted that she does not rate herself as a good presenter, telling Stylist magazine: "Oh, God. I'm not [likeable]. I don't have any appeal. I'm really cheap and quite friendly. TV presenting is genuinely moronic - you just need the ability to read out loud. So I do that."

Don't listen to them, Claud - we love you!

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