David Cameron 'Relaxed' About Publishing Details Of His Tax Returns

David Cameron 'Relaxed' About Publishing Details Of His Tax Returns

David Cameron remains "relaxed" about publishing his tax returns Downing Street has said.

On Monday morning the prime minister's spokesman said Cameron would be "content" to see details of his and other cabinet minister's wealth be made public, a year after the idea was first floated.

In April 2012 Cameron suggested he would be happy to see senior ministers follow the example of Boris Johnson, who made his tax returns public during the London mayoral campaign.

Today The prime minister's spokesperson said Cameron's view was "unchanged" since then and "he would be relaxed about the publication" - but the disclosure does not seem imminent.

On Monday afternoon French ministers will for the first time make details of their wealth available to public scrutiny.

President Hollande made the move after his former budget minister, Jerome Cahuzac, became the subject of an investigation into alleged tax fraud.

The French government faces a fight with MPs when it attempts to extend the law to force parliamentarians to also disclose their assets.

The practice of politicians publishing details of their personal finances is common place in the United States, a tradition begun by Mitt Romney's father George Romney during his own unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1968.

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