US Lawmaker Tries To Ban Violent Arcade Games That Don't Exist

An American lawmaker has launched a crusade against 'mature' and 'adult-only' arcade games - but doesn't seem to have noticed they don't actually exist.

New Jersey assembly woman, Linda Stender, noted her intention to outlaw the consoles in public places to protect children from the effects of violent video games.

She wants to stop all "M" rated games from placement in amusement parks, movie theatres and bowling alleys.

Unfortunately for her, America's Entertainment Software Rating Board doesn't rate coin-operated arcade games -- meaning none are rated 'mature' or 'adult-only'.

Stender said: "Some of the most prolific mass shootings not just in this country, but in the world had links to violent video games"

Despite this, Stender has threatened anyone installing a fictional arcade game with a $10,000 fine, rising to $20,000 if they manage to perform the impossible task twice.

Stender said in a press release: "This bill would ensure that video games with graphic adult content would not be available to children who are not old enough to make a distinction between fantasy and reality."

Perhaps Stender could do with a little explanation of fantasy and reality first...

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