18/04/2013 08:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mother Throws Her Baby At A Stranger On Bus So She Can Fight

This video is unbelievable. A young mother starts a brawl with another bus passenger because she believes her baby was 'disrespected' - the same baby she chucks to another passenger so she can throw punches.

The shocking scene captured on an onlooker's mobile phone happened on a bus in Connecticut.

"Someone grab my baby! I'm going beat the s*** out of you on this bus little girl," the angry mother shouts.

"This b**** has disrespected me in front of my baby, man. I'll hit that b****."

The scene spirals when the mother throws her baby daughter into the lap of another passenger, and charges to the front of the bus where she unleashes several swings at her rival. As the women fight, the distressed child holds her hands over her ears.

Attempts to trace the woman have so far failed, nor is it know what the second woman did to so enrage her fellow passenger.