18/04/2013 03:35 BST

Rihanna Pregnant? Rumours Circulate Singer Is Expecting Chris Brown's Baby

There are whisperings in celebville that Rihanna could be pregnant with Chris Brown's baby.

The rumours started circulating after RiRi cancelled another string of dates on her Diamonds world tour earlier this week, and was spotted making various visits to doctors in LA.

rihanna pregnant chris brown baby

Rihanna leaving a doctors in LA on Tuesday

Various US news sites are speculating that she is expecting, after details surrounding her illness remained sketchy.

We reckon they could be jumping to conclusions slightly, as Rihanna cancelled two shows last month blaming laryngitis, so she could be suffering from a relapse. However, she has so far refused to elaborate on what is up with her this time.

rihanna chris brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown

But a source did tell HollywoodLife.com that Rihannia is "just sick, and that's really it".

They added: “I know, that’s not a good enough reason because everybody wants some drama and the rumors that she’s pregnant to make the rounds, but sorry, not this time. She’s not pregnant!”

Rihanna has made no secret of her desire to have a child, telling Elle magazine earlier this year that that “in five years, we’ll probably have a kid” – adding: “Now that we’re adults we can do this right. We got a fresh start and I’m thankful for that.”

However, something tells us we won't be seeing a mini Chris Brown any time soon.

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