19/04/2013 12:48 BST | Updated 05/07/2013 11:48 BST

Nancy & Donald Featherstone Wear Matching Outfits For 35 Years (PICTURES)

His and hers taken to a whole new level...
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His and hers taken to a whole new level...

Would you and your significant other wear matching outfits?

The couple did – and have been doing so for an astonishing 35 years.

Nancy and Donald Featherstone own a whopping 600 matching outfits and confer every day to ensure they’re coordinating.

Nancy told The Sun: “If Don is out of town, he phones me so we can decide what we’ll wear that day.”

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It might sound corny or odd, but it could well be the secret to lasting love.

Take Mel and Joey Schwanke of Freemont, Nebraska, who have been doing the same thing for decades of their 65-year-old marriage.


Mel and Joey Schwanke have been matching outfits for decades

Mel, 86, says he can't remember how the tradition started, but for decades his 81-year-old wife Joey has been laying out complementary outfits for the pair to wear each morning.

However, they're lagging behind the Featherstone's behemoth wardrobe - with just a paltry 146 matching sets of attire.