Ladies! Would You Wear A Sexy 'Star Wars' Costume? (PICTURES)

Want to fight the patriarchy with a lightsaber, gals? Then look no further!

Sexy Darth Vader!

We admit we find their lack of clothes disturbing - but there's no denying that these laydeez look out of this world in their exciting new 'Star Wars' outfits from fashion dress website Costume Craze...

Sexy X-Wing Fighter!

We think our favourite is probably the Stormtrooper one below, as it clearly channels ABBA, at least in the footwear:

Check out the full range from Costume Craze below - although be prepared for disappointment, ladies: because sadly, there's no 'Sexy Chewbacca'.

Sexy Boba Fett

Sexy 'Star Wars' Outfits