Science Of Batman: Canadian University Offers Physical Education Class In The Dark Knight


A university in Canada in offering a course in the science of Batman.

The University of Victoria says the course will examine how the human body can be adapted and improved based on the metaphor of the caped crusader himself.

"The extreme range of adaptability of the human body explored through the life of the Caped Crusader."

It also seeks to:

"Examine human potential using Batman as a metaphor for the ultimate in human conditioning; evaluates the concepts of adaptation to exercise and injury from the perspective of science and exercise training; examines the multiple sciences behind exercise adaptation, musculoskeletal injury and concussion, and limitations of the human body and mind."

It's not clear if the course is currently scheduled, though we're sure they wouldn't have a problem filling the seats.

Interestingly, while the course is not the only Batman-related higher education offered in North America.

AOL's erstwhile men's blog Asylum examined in 2010 the strange trend of geeky, nerdy and otherwise improbable university courses, and found at least one other Dark Knight-related class.

"The Cape and the Cowl: The Literary, Televised and Film History of Batman" offered at Rice University attempted to tutor students in the story of a strong but nuanced hero, whose sociopathy often blends into the territory of a villain.

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