26/04/2013 08:29 BST

Weekly Wellbeing: 5 Ways To De-Stress In 5 Minutes (PICTURES)

Another piece of work to add to the pile -- GAH!

Stress can have detrimental effects on your mind and body, from causing memory loss and reducing attention span to interrupting sleep and decreasing sex drive.

And with a quarter of Brits admitting to getting stressed everyday, it's important to reverse these effects by taking time to chill out and relax.

But with busy work schedules, hectic social lives and the temptation of spending every waking moment stuck to our smartphones (ahem) it can be difficult to give your mind that much needed TLC.

To help HuffPost Healthy Living have come up with five ways to de-stress in less than five minutes.

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5 Ways To De-Stress In 5 Minutes