01/05/2013 08:22 BST | Updated 01/05/2013 08:35 BST

Kate Middleton and Prince William As OAPs: How The Elderly Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Could Look (PICTURES)

Feverish speculation as to what the royal progeny to emerge from the Duchess of Cambridge’s womb abounds.

So far we’ve seen two sets of slightly creepy “interpretations” of what the miniature blue-blood will look like.

And now we bring you a version of how Kate and Wills may appear years down the line after entering the parent club.

kate middleton and prince william as pensioners

Twilight years: How the royal couple may look in years to come

Grey-haired, wrinkled, and with a worrying resemblance to Prince Philip, as it happens. But enough about Kate…

Meanwhile back to the bun in the oven. Below are predictions of what a South African geneticist came up with for how the royal baby will look as both a toddler and a teenager.

Johannesburg-based Suretha Erasmus believes the baby could share many of the facial features of the late Princess Diana thanks to Prince William’s strong resemblance to his mother.

However, with dark genes being dominant, she estimates there is a good chance the baby, due in June, may inherit Kate’s dark hair.

kate middleton prince william baby

Geneticist Suretha Erasmus believes this could be the face of Wills and Kate's baby

Meanwhile Jenny Chen, a graduate student from the Broad Institute of Harvard-MIT, believes the child has a 50 per cent chance of having either green or blue eyes like its parents and it is likely to inherit the Duchess of Cambridge’s olive skin colour, which is dominant over Prince William’s paler complexion.

The royal baby is also likely to have full lips and an oval face, although there is no way of determining whether it will inherit its mother’s famous nose.

The illustrations offer a representation based on genetic influences passed on by both parents.


These are Jenny Chen's predictions of what the royal baby will look like as a young adult

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