Change My Mind: Is Sharing Dead?

We're meant to be part of the Big Society, sharing with each to get through the tough times... but... have we just become selfish individualists?

In our harsh economy, everyone's looking out for themselves (unless you're fortunate enough to be able to give away lots of your money), and the only thing we truly 'share' these days are pictures of our lunch on social media sites.

But then, you could argue, social media sharing shows we're still all about the things we have in common in life. In fact, some charities have reported their supporter numbers doubling as a result of social sharing - think Claire Squires' JustGiving page, which went viral and raised over £1million for Samaritans after Claire tragically died running the London Marathon last year.

So, are we all that selfish? Is sharing really dead? HuffPostUK news reporter Tom Moseley thinks so, but news editor Jacqueline Head thinks perhaps it's not so bad...

Can either of their blogs change your mind?