03/05/2013 09:35 BST

Ukip, Ed Balls, FHM And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week


It was all happening in politics this week - mainly as a result of Nigel Faright Farage's Ukip party, which hit the headlines not just for its local election gains but also for the now-infamous Nazi salute that wasn't a Nazi salute but was, in fact, a pot plant impression.

In sport news, Audley Harrison retired, basketball player Jason Collins came out - and the PFA demanded its money back because it was surprised by the language used by its guest speaker, Reginald D Hunter, a man whose previous shows have been called 'Trophy Nigga' and 'Pride and Prejudice... and Niggas'.

In the world of showbiz, impoverished unknown actor Zach Braff asked for our money, Willem-Alexander took over from his mother Beatrix in the role of 'Dutch monarch', FHM unveiled its 100 Sexiest Women list - and 'Coronation Street' found itself with another spot of rewriting on its hands.

And finally, it was, of course, the week that the world marked two important celebrations: May Day and Ed Balls Day. We hope you had lovely ones, and got everything you asked Ed Balls for...