05/05/2013 10:03 BST

Bangladesh Factory Collapse Death Toll Reaches 610 (PICTURES)

The death toll in the Bangladesh garment factory collapse has reached 610, reports Reuters.

The number is expected to rise as rescuers continue to search the rubble for those killed.

The search is being hampered as it is increasingly difficult to identify bodies as they decompose. People are being identified by ID cards and mobile phones.

The owner of the Rana Plaza building which collapsed on April 24th, Mohammed Sohel Rana, is to face a murder charge filed by the wife of one of the workers killed.

A lawyer said: "If they are found guilty of these killings they will get the highest punishment - capital punishment."

Rana went into hiding after the tragedy and was found trying to cross the Indian border four days later.

He is alleged to have forced workers back into the building despite massive cracks appearing in the walls prior to the collapse.

The garment factory supplied Primark putting the company's sourcing under intense scrutiny.

A statement from the clothing store said they were "shocked and saddened" by the collapse.

It is by far the worst industrial tragedy in the country's history. Last year a fire in another garment factory killed 117 people.