Jamie Oliver Praises Ukip For 'Stirring It Up'

'What I Love Is That Ukip Are Stirring It Up'

Jamie Oliver has praised Ukip, saying he "loves" the way Nigel Farage's party is "stirring it up".

The Naked Chef made a rare foray into politics, saying he was "disillusioned" with David Cameron's government because of a lack of support for his healthy eating crusade.

Pointing to the death of Magaret Thatcher and Ukip's performance in the local elections, he told the Sunday Times: "With Thatcher dying and seeing how we reacted to her death and then how Ukip did, I think it is part of the same stuff.

“I think the public reacts to clarity and single-mindedness.

“I know I should be careful what I say but I do believe politics has got more squashed in the middle and samey. What I love is that Ukip are stirring it up.

'I know I should be careful what I say'

“Now they have got my interest and I will listen to them – and I don’t think anyone would before.

“It is a clear sign from the public that they want someone to have a view.

“I think the public want prisons sorted out properly, I think they want hospitals sorted out properly."

On the economy, Oliver added: "We have tried a few things in the recession and I think they are question-marking whether we are going down the right path. I think Ukip have changed the path for the next two years.”

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