Bill Oddie Gets Evicted From HSBC (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill Oddie Gets Evicted From HSBC

Hate bankers and love Bill Oddie? You've come to the right place!

The comedian-presenter has made a video for Global Witness which sheds light on HSBC's loans to companies that are illegally destroying rainforest habitats and committing human rights abuses in Borneo.

It's all done in a wonderful 'Springwatch' style - with Oddie making comments like "Is he going to charge? The fact is: he's a banker. Of course he's going to charge!" just before he's thrown out of HSBC's London headquarters.

Click play on the video above to enjoy this special edition of 'Bankwatch'. And to help the campaign to stop HSBC's destruction of the rainforests, sign the Global Witness petition here.

(Via The Poke)

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