'The Fall' Episode 2 Review - Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) Is Busy Again, But Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson)'s Too Busy Herself To Notice!

TV REVIEW: 'The Fall' - Both Killer And Cop Have A Busy Night

A few more faces turned up in this week's Episode 2 of 'The Fall', after both serial killer Paul Spector and Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson had a busy night of it.

As feared, Spector (Jamie Dornan) made short work of finishing off solicitor Sally, but a chillingly long time of tending to her afterwards - bathing, posing, even pausing to snip off a lock with attentive, horrible care - a scene brought into horrible relief later when he washed his own daughter's hair, just like normal dads everywhere.

Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson makes a decision about the case as it threatens to get out of control

Unfortunately, Stella G was busy fulfilling her offer of hospitality that she had extended to a young, keen copper the previous week. This being a BBC drama, inevitably it turned out this priapic Plod had his own controversies going on, the small matter of a drugs-related shooting, sniffs of corruption higher up the force, oh, and then being shot outside his house.

Once Stella got her groove back, though, there was no stopping her, marching under the police tape to investigate the crime, and assuming tireless clipboard duties with the best of them. Despite the appearance of 'Good Wife' actress Archie Punjabi as the pathologist, even she was hardly needed once Gibson had found her way to the white boiler suits. Oh well, at least everyone's listening to her now when she uses the words 'serial' and 'killer', and Gillian Anderson remains on cracking good form, unafraid of the power of silence as this drama continues to build.

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