Tottenham Fans Celebrate Imaginary Equaliser At Newcastle-Arsenal (VIDEO)

WATCH: Tottenham Fans Celebrate Newcastle's Imaginary Equaliser

It was a moment so surreal Sky Sports' coverage of Newcastle-Arsenal went to split screen to show it, and although anxious Gunners fans would have struggled to laugh at their Tottenham counterparts at the time, now they have all summer to mock the enemy after they greeted a unique kind of ghost goal.

Essentially, around the 70th minute mark of Sunday's matches, a section of Spurs supporters broke into celebration. Their fixture with Sunderland was still goalless but they believed, 280 miles away, Newcastle had levelled Laurent Koscielny's opener at St James's Park.

The touchline cameraman unashamedly captured the gleeful faces of the deluded before the rug was pulled from under their feet when it emerged the information was disinformation. Newcastle had not equalised, Arsenal were still 1-0 up and on course to finish fourth.

Gareth Bale's superb strike proved futile for Tottenham, as Arsenal defended their lead with relative comfort and finished ahead of their north London rivals for an 18th consecutive campaign.

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