New 3D Printed Gun Is Cheaper, Sturdier And More Deadlier Than Its Predecessor (VIDEO)

In a depressingly predictable development a new 3D printable gun has been successfully fired that is cheaper, sturdier and therefore deadlier that its terrifying predecessor.

The deceptively comically named 'Lulz Liberator' cost just £16.50 to make using a £1,136 3D printer.

Speaking to Forbes, the guns creator known only as Joe, said: "I'm not an anarchist but I don’t like the idea that the government is telling us ‘You can’t have that.'"

A 3D printed gun was successfully smuggled aboard the Eurostar this month

Earlier this month Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed became the first person to develop and fire a 3D printed gun.

Whereas Wilson's struggled to get one shot out before shattering the new weapon is reported to be able to fire up to nine .38 rounds.

Wilson made the blueprints for his gun available free online prompting the US government to order they be taken down for potentially breaching arms-control regulations.

This was not before they were downloaded over 100,000 times as well as making their way onto Pirate Bat where they remain.

An American senator has already called for legislation to ban the weapons.

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