22/05/2013 04:40 BST

George Michael Car Accident: Police To Quiz Singer When He's Released From Hospital

Police are still waiting to speak to George Michael following his car accident last week, which saw him fall out of Range Rover at 70mph, as he is being kept in hospital.

According to The Sun, Hertfordshire Police revealed they 'have definitely not spoken to the 49-year-old male', despite quizzing the car's driver.

George Michael

The singer is still under observation following the incident, which happened on the M1 near St Albans, and his spokesperson told Reuters that he 'is making good progress'.

"I can confirm that George remains in hospital but purely as a standard precaution for observation because he suffered some bumps and cuts to his head. But he's making good progress, he's fine and he's really looking forward to getting home," they said in a statement.

On Tuesday, one driver told of how she had to swerve to avoid running over George after he fell from the vehicle on the busy motorway.

"I saw blood everywhere and a man on the ground.I thought someone had run across the road and been hit," Katherine Fox told The Sun.

"I asked what had gone on and was told he tried to open the car door and shut it again because it wasn't shut properly and apparently fell out at 70mph."

The former Wham! star has been involved in a series of road accidents, the most well known of which resulted in an eight-week sentence for crashing his car into a branch of photographic store Snappy Snaps, while under the influence of cannabis.

George isn't the only accident prone star...

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