Ke$ha Drinks Own Wee In Clip For Reality Show 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' (VIDEO)

Ke$ha's toilet habits have raised eyebrows before when she tweeted a picture of herself peeing in the street, but she's gone one step further by drinking her own WEE on film.


The outrageous singer can be seen downing her own urine in a clip for her reality show 'My Crazy Beautiful Life', after a friend told her of how she knows a woman who drinks it everyday.

"Isn't it good for you?" Ke$ha asks, before quickly declaring: "I'll drink my own pee."

Off camera, Ke$ha - who is in a car at the time - pees into a plastic bottle, much to the bemusement of her travelling companions.

They then recoil in horror as she brandishes the pee-filled bottle and takes a glug.

Real nice.

Watch the video above to see it, but only if you've got a strong stomach.

Ke$ha, For Better Or Worse