'Made In Brixton' TV Show Set To Rival 'Made In Chelsea' And 'The Only Way Is Essex'?

'Made In Chelsea' and 'The Only Way Is Essex' could face a new rival from planned new TV show 'Made In Brixton'.

Youngsters from the gritty area of south London could soon be rubbing shoulders with Chelsea socialite Millie Macintosh and 'TOWIE' party girl Sam Faiers at showbiz parties if they're made famous by the new series.

Made In Chelsea girls Millie Mackintosh, Louise Thompson, Lucy Watson and Alexandra 'Binky' Felstead

TV bosses are reportedly developing a show based on the lives of twenty-somethings living in the south London area, reported The Sun.

Producers are hoping to film the first series in the summer, although the programme has yet to find a broadcaster.

A source said: "Any show based in the area will be a million miles away from the spoilt lives featured in 'The Only Way Is Essex' and 'Made In Chelsea'.

"Up to now, reality shows have been popular because they give people a glimpse of how the other half live. Maybe it's time to see what life is like on the other side of the tracks."

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