23/05/2013 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Watch In Awe As Bored Teenage Girl Performs Mind-Boggling Van Halen Guitar Solo

As a middle-aged dad whose teenage dreams were to be a guitar hero, I can only look on with gobsmacked admiration at this gifted 14-year-old girl who how wowed more than 1 million You Tube viewers with her incredible virtuoso performance of Van Halen's VERY complicated Eruption solo.

But even though I'm impressed along with more than 2,000 commenters, the girl – called Tina S. looks positively bored as her fingers fly over the strings with mind-boggling dexterity while she sits down.

Tina's clip is just over 1 minute 30 seconds, but even that short time was enough to win over hundreds of fans.

A user by the name RokkusRadio wrote in the comments section: 'scuse me while I pick my jaw right up off the floor'.

Another YouTube admirer, Adam Roades, commented: "I love the effortlessness you have in playing. Your expression, at times almost blase, doesn't even begin to hint at the countless hours you no doubt spent perfecting just this one lick. You're an amazing musician!"

And PlayMadness wrote: "I've been playing guitar for 9 years, and a 14 year old is better than I will ever be." A comment I can very much relate to.

Tina S., whose YouTube states that she is from France, has been posting videos of her performances for several years now. Back in 2008, she uploaded a clip that showed her playing Fedrinado Carulli's Andante on an acoustic guitar. Another video from that year captured Tina playing Hotel California, looking as unimpressed as ever with her extraordinary musical abilities.