Woolwich Attack: Bizarre Conspiracy Theories Claim Entire Incident Was A Hoax (VIDEO)

Bizarre Conspiracy Theories Claim Woolwich Machete Attack Was A Hoax (VIDEO)

Bizarre conspiracy theories which claim the horrifying Woolwich machete attack was a hoax have began to circulate.

In what is certainly a doctored version of a now widely circulated ITV video showing one of the bloodied suspects addressing a camera, the man now appears with "clean" hands. (Scroll down for video).

The clip, posted to YouTube by user Antislaveboy, has been spliced with the original footage and suggests news outlets added the blood later.

One of the suspects from the Woolwich attack, shown with and without blood on his hands

It also asks why there is no visible blood around the body of the man (since named as Drummer Lee Rigsby).

Accompanying further footage of a police officer ushering crowds away, it adds: "Yes listen to the masonic copper, move back before you film anything incriminating against their charade."

The vast majority of comments left beneath the video agree the footage has clearly been altered, with Kyle McIIwraith adding: "Just look at the traffic lines behind him, they change as well... somebody needs better video editing skills."

Truth Frequency Radio links to the same video and pitches in with the following:

"The world is all a stage. . Call me jaded, cynical, skeptical or even out right crazy but this event has all of the same earmarks as the Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombings and so many recent events. The stage is a some-what well organized area, actors seem to be placed in strategic areas waiting for their cue and once again we see the remarkable absence of blood. The story is also full of anti-Islamic propaganda even going so far as to claim the "perpetrator" yelled "Allahu Ahkbar" just before beheading the man."

A further site named Beforeitsnews.com asks why there was "no blood surrounding the man despite reports that the two men 'hacked away at him like a piece of meat'?"

It also speculates as to why no one asked for help at the nearby military barracks.

Conspiracy theories in the aftermath of tragedies are becoming ever more common as fringe groups pick apart police video and media reports, often causing pain and suffering to genuine victims they accuse of being "actors".

The original footage obtained by ITV news shows one of the suspects carrying knives, speaking into a camera.

It shows a man, wearing a dark jacket, jeans and a beanie hat, calmly walking towards the camera with what appears to be two large knives clasped by the handles in his bloodied left hand.

Gesticulating with both hands - while gripping the weapons - he points to his own face as he says: "We must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett intervened in the aftermath of the attack

One woman who intervened in the aftermath of the attack is Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who confronted the suspects and urged them to hand over their weapons, warning them: “It is only you versus many people, you are going to lose.”

The 48-year-old told the Daily Telegraph that one of the attackers said to her that they "want to start a war in London tonight".

She added: "I asked him if he did it and he said yes, and I said, 'Why?' And he said because he has killed Muslim people in Muslim countries, he said he was a British solider and I said, 'Really?' And he said, 'I killed him because he killed Muslims and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan, they have nothing to do there'."

Prime Minister David Cameron has branded the killing a "betrayal of Islam".

Speaking in Downing Street on Thursday morning, he said there was "absolutely no justification" for the murder which is believed to have been carried out by Islamist extremists.

"What happened yesterday in Woolwich has sickened us all. On our televisions last night and in our newspapers this morning we have all seen images that are deeply shocking. The people who did this were trying to divide us. They should know something like this will only bring us together and make us stronger," he said.

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