Woolwich Attack: Rapper Boya Dee 'Offered £75k For Story' After Tweets Go Viral

Rapper Boya Dee 'Offered £75k For Story' After Woolwich Attack Tweets Go Viral

A Londoner who live-tweeted the horrifying Woolwich machete attack claims he has been offered £75,000 for his story.

Boya Dee, who describes himself as a film-maker and musician, revealed the sum on Thursday and then tweeted “I’ve turned them all down.”

After tweeting on Wednesday that he had “seen a man with his head chopped off”, Boya Dee saw his followers jump from a respective 10,000 followers to close to 25,000 as media outlets scrambled for eyewitness accounts.

Boya Dee's Twitter image

Updating his feed with a constant stream of dramatic observations from the scene, (including the fact a female officer "took out" one of the suspects "like Robocop", he cryptically added he’d seen:

By Thursday Boya Dee's Twitter stream had taken on a calmer, more reserved tone.

He sent out apologies to "all the news reporters I ignored (including you Jon Snow)", adding: "I really do not having anything else to say on the matter."

For good measure he added:

He piously added that he had removed all friends who had given his phone number out from his Christmas list, and promised "Once this has all quelled I'll keep you updated with my latest releases."

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