24/05/2013 17:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Samsung's 'Evolutionary Husband' Ad Slammed As Sexist - By Men!

Dozens of men have got their knickers in a twist over a new ad that shows a feckless dad evolving from a Neanderthal to, well, me.

OK, OK, not me, exactly, but an all-singing, all-dancing, multi-tasking, baby-feeding, egg-cracking, chief cook-and-bottle washing housedad like me!

It's actually quite amusing, in a lame predictable kind of way (in this reluctant housedad's humble opinion) but the advert for Samsung's TV Evolution Kit has been slammed as sexist by 'outraged' male AND female viewers who are so disgusted by its content they have viewed it more than 10 million times on You Tube.

In the ad, a couch potato man is seen as a grunting, filthy, dead-eyed Neanderthal (I know, astonishing isn't it? Such men really don't and never have existed. Definitely not) and women as the type to put up with such behaviour (equally astonishing).

It then shows a wife plugging an Evolution Kit into her Samsung TV, then imagining how such a piece of equipment might turn her layabout of a husband into a high-functioning housedad-type of bloke. You know, a superman.

Apparently, Twitter users have been appalled, and a men's rights forum on Reddit features comments about the 'blatantly sexist' bent of the advert.

Though my own straw poll of a dozen or so men and women declared it variously, 'Predicatable', 'Pointless', 'Just daft' and 'It's an advert FFS. Get a life'.

However, forum users were more forthright.

One called Femdelusion wrote: "That's probably one of the most vile adverts I've ever seen. This isn't the normal IV drip of laughing at men; this is simply mainlining outright contempt."

Another, AmiroZ, complained: "I find this advert quite sexist. The idea of an 'evolved man' is basically making him the stereotype of a woman. This isn't evolution rather than devolution.

"If this advert had the women being attached to some machine to make her better equipped to clean/cook/look after children/make her loving to her spouse/partner, there would be an outcry from feminists about equality."

Some YouTube comments beneath the 'Evolutionary Husband' video say 'people can't take a joke', while other viewers are swearing off Samsung products, labelling the commercial 'offensive' and 'feminist porn'.

But it isn't only men who are upset by the advert, which portrays women as downtrodden mugs who put up with men who behave like this.

On Jezebel, one commenter wrote: "Yeah, it sucks that men are presented as useless lumps of farting meat who can't do anything in their families. They're not.

"It also sucks that women are routinely presented as f***ing putting up with it as if it's a given that a man would be a manchild whom you'd have to clean up after and do everything for. It's almost like an excuse for men to be useless."

She needs to meet a few of my fellow drinkers down at my local!