'The Fall' Episode 3 Review - Personal Meets Professional For DS Gibson (Gillian Anderson)

TV REVIEW: The Fall - Personal Meets Professional For Gibson

Episode 3 of this increasingly engrossing thriller found even DS Gibson shaken by the fatal shooting of a man who had only left her hotel room a few hours earlier.

DSI Gibson had to deal with a clash between the personal and the professional in 'The Fall'

In a scene remarkable for what wasn't being said, Gibson learnt of the death of Constable Olsen, and also that her liaison with him had not gone unnoticed by a female officer - who strangely became her second in command a few short minutes later.

More torrid was the exchange between Gibson and Burns, who told her Olsen was a married man. "You were," was her cool response, telling us a bit more of Gibson's hot flame beneath the froideur - a combination Anderson does to mesmeric effect.

In a much less slick episode, the consequences of Olsen's death were apparent for the drugs ring he was investigating. Amidst all the naked women showering and brutish East Europeans posturing, his antagonists furrowed their generous brows. Cross fingers the relevance of this sub-plot reveals itself soon, because it's nothing like as interesting as that of Gibson's hunt for her serial killer.

That gentleman, meanwhile, continued to go about his business, showing his devotion to duty as a grief counsellor by calling on his vulnerable, brunette patient - at home, during the day, when there's noone else there, and she's begging to be held. This couldn't end well.

After all, according to the detecting brain-storm over takeaway between Gibson and her chums, "it's all about power, the thrill, he can't stand women who dominate in their professions." Their meeting can only be a matter of time.

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