9 Best Fitness Gadgets You Can Buy In 2013 (PICTURES)

9 Best Fitness Gadgets You Can Buy In 2013
Running cyborg
Running cyborg
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So you want to get fit, and you want some exercise gadgets to help you do it?

Now more than ever, you're spoiled for choice with fitness tech. Where exercise gadgets used to be dominated by confusingly complex heart-rate monitors, cheap and inaccurate pedometers and expensive gym equipment, that's no longer the case.

In fact it's never been easier for a lone exercise nut to fill their pockets, wrists and bags with tech to motivate you, track your progress and make shedding those pounds a little bit easier.

Whether it's a personal data tracker, exercise headphones, high-tech trainers or even a WiFi-enabled set of scales, the options are endless - depending on your budget (and tolerance for gadgets).

We've picked out our nine favourite fitness gadgets which you can buy in 2013 below.

If we've missed any out that you love, let us know in the comments.

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