200,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Tooth Found By Dog In Poland's Carpathian Mountains (PICTURES)

Dog Digs Up 200,000-Year-Old Woolly Mammoth Tooth (PICTURES)

A burrowing dog made a mammoth find when he unearthed a tooth belonging to one of the Ice Age giants.

The collie, named Mavrik, was being walked in Poland’s Carpathian mountains, when owner Andrzej Sikorski saw him struggling to pull something from the ground.

The 24-year-old said: "I thought he had found an old bone - but I didn't realise straight away just how old.

This woolly mammoth tooth was found in Poland's Carpathian Mountains

"I took it home and saw the ridges which looked familiar. So I did some research and I was sure it was a woolly mammoth tooth.”

Carbon dating tests carried out by Poland’s Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals showed the tooth to have come from one of the six-ton giants about 200,000 years ago.

The woolly mammoth roamed the earth 200,000 years ago

"I should take him fossil hunting more often. Maybe next time he'll dig up as T-Rex," added Skiorski.

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