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Summer Bucket List 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

I've stumbled upon something that's made me feel inspired.

I love seeing an idea that's so good I immediately fall in love.

This week I discovered the Happy Family Movement and their Summer Bucket List.

The Happy Family Movement is the brain child of the Solar Family. They believe in positivity, love and family.

Somewhere along the way they decided to start a Summer Bucket List. A challenge to write down all the things you and your family want to do this Summer. This year it only just started on May 20th and last year 2,500 families took part. I just think it's the most fantastic idea!

We can get so busy and caught up in rushing around and packing for holidays that sometimes we forget to do those little, simple, often free, things that make our summer so special. Things don't have to be expensive to be fun.

You should write a summer bucket list and link up below! Why?

Why not?

It's free, it doesn't cost anything. It might help you to organise your thoughts about what all your family members want to do this summer.

Get everyone involved

Writing it down gives you the chance to ask all family members what it is they'd like to do. It'll help you to make sure you're doing something that everyone wants to do.
It might also help you to plan out what you're doing with those six, long, summer weeks!

Sieze the Day

Life is too short. Plan beautiful adventures that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come.

I really enjoyed thinking about what we've got coming up this summer and what'd we'd really like to do. It's made me excited to make the most of this summer. Have a look at what we're planning on getting up to! I'll keep posting as we check things off our list.

Our summer is always too short. Tom is SO busy shooting weddings that it's hard to find a Saturday we're all together. But I believe in the power of the list. I love making a list, it helps me accomplish so much more! I love this new Summer Bucket list.

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine.

You can download a free printable bucket to colour and write your list on at Pen & Paint.

Join in with the Summer Bucket List. #happyfamilysummer @HappyFamMvmt

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