Grumpy Cat Gets A Movie Deal

Deadline Hollywood calls this "more depressing news for humans who can’t get a Hollywood movie made". Spoilsports!

Yes, make way for another paw print on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, people, because Grumpy Cat - aka Tardar Sauce, aka 2012's feline internet sensation - is making the move to the big screen.

Grumpy Cat's 'reps' (yes, she has reps) have secured "a package for a Garfield-like feature film", reports Deadline.

Grumpy Cat: A face only a film producer could love

"We think we can build a big family comedy around this character,” says producer Todd Garner - and we don't doubt it. After all, wasn't it Lil Bub who was hanging out with Robert De Niro recently? Yes, it was:

And you know who they could get to play Grumpy Cat, don't you? That's right: Kurt Wilson from this season of 'The Apprentice':

Kurt Wilson

Cats That Look Like Apprentice Contestants

Kurt - you're hired! Now all we need is a title... Grump And Grumpier? Forrest Grump? We'll keep working on it...