6 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods (PICTURES)

Find out which foods could burn the calories for you
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Find out which foods could burn the calories for you

In 2013, diet experts have been focusing on one thing: how to think yourself thin.

Forget punishing exercise regiemes and starvation diets, the key to successful weight loss is to be happy with your choices, according to weight loss professionals such as Dr Khandee Ahnaimugan.

"Most women over 40 fail to lose weight and keep it off using this approach, they still think that deprivation and suffering is the key to weight loss. They rationalise that previous failures were due to insufficient commitment or willpower," explains Dr Ahnaimugan in his recent blog for HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

"But here's the truth: The more unpleasant you make losing weight, the less likely you will succeed."

He suggests that if you want to be slim, you need to focus your mind on developing a sustainable diet, which you both enjoy and will encourage weight loss.

A great place to start is with your food choices. Here are some delicious foods that health experts believe could help you on your road to diet enlightenment.

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Whole Grains

Best Fat Burning Foods