Teenager Builds Working Submarine (VIDEO)

An American teenager has built a working submarine in his spare time.

Justin Beckerman built the one-man vehicle for just $950 - compared to the $98,000 such machines usually cost.

According to a local news report, the nine-foot submarine - while made mostly of a drain pipe - is capable of diving more than 30 feet into the water, and is "complete with lights, paddles, ballasts, air compressors, 2,000 feet of wire and a Plexiglas dome top that looks like the head of Star Wars robot R2-D2", said.

But the sub only took five months to build (plus six months to design) - and there's no indication Beckerman has any intention of stopping his quest for new ideas and projects.

The 18-year-old inventor has been responsible for many different inventions over the years, all detailed at his personal website.

He built a working remote-control cleaning robot when he was 12 - and a helmet for watching films when he was 14.

Beckerman's other creations include remote control cars and boats, a 'amusement ride' consisting of beach chairs hanging from wires and even some pretty amazing-looking tree forts and platforms.

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