04/06/2013 10:23 BST | Updated 04/06/2013 12:11 BST

Steven Seagal 'To Be The Face Of Russia's Weapons Industry'

Steven Seagal at a news conference at the US embassy in Moscow on June 2

Steven Seagal is being considered as the face of Russia’s weapons industry, it has been reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said the action film star could head up an international marketing campaign to promote the Degtarev arms plant.

He told the Associated Press: “You’re ready to fight American (manufacturers) with your teeth and your intellect, and if Americans are prepared to promote and support you, that says we’re learning new ways to work on corporate warfare markets.”

It comes after it was revealed the Under Siege actor has been brokering meetings about security between senior Russian and American politicians.

A delegation from the US Congress recently thanked Seagal for opening doors to leading Russian officials, The Times reported.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Seagal visit a new sports arena in March in Moscow, Russia

The group, headed by Republican Dana Rohrabacher, was in Russia to investigate the intelligence background to the Boston bombings.

“Steven knows my interest in thwarting radical Islamic terrorism,” Rohrabacher said.

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In February Seagal was enlisted to host a training session in Arizona on how to handle school shootings.

Seagal gave weapons and martial arts training to 48 volunteers, showing them how to guard rooms and conduct room-to-room searches in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings.

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