06/06/2013 07:02 BST | Updated 06/06/2013 07:28 BST

Was Victoria Beckham The Best Choice For Woman Of The Year?

victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham won Glamour magazine’s 2013 Woman of the Decade award this year, and no doubt, there will be a lot of backlash as to why she didn’t deserve it.

Now you may not like her as a celebrity, but as a woman, it's hard to fault her on how hard she works at her career and as a mum. And she's honestly about it being a juggling act too - she told the Evening Standard: “I really enjoy being a mum. But I also love what I do. I think anyone who say’s it’s easy is lying.”

But - if you mention the fact that she’s a good mother (she brought son Brooklyn to the ceremony), then the riposte is: well, she can afford to, she’s rich enough.

And if you mention that she’s a grafter and works really hard, people then focus on the fact that she’s too skinny. (I can’t understand the connection myself – if she chooses to subsist on carrots rather than KitKat Chunkys, that’s her business). Marian Keyes has famously said she can't stand the celeb, saying: "I can't stand her starved little body."

Perhaps it is that she works so hard despite being so rich she could sit in a bathtub of £50 notes, that we have a problem with. I certainly wouldn’t be working 20 hour days, and if I did work at all, it would be figuring out what caviar I wanted on top of my caviar.


Or perhaps we have an issue with the word ‘decade’ as 10 years ago, VB was still flogging the dead horse that was her singing career. Her fashion line, which dramatically turned her from a WAG to a bonafide businesswoman didn’t launch until 2008.

Even if you do have a hard time taking Victoria Beckham seriously – and considering Cheryl Cole was a Woman of The Year recipient, we don’t blame you – there is no doubt that she is a well-rounded achiever and a powerful woman.

Here are three other women who could have won (but do tell us your suggestions in the comments below):

Stella McCartney

Stella always gets bunged in the ‘designer’ category, but her life is so much more than just pretty clothes. OBE Stella launched her own fashion line in 2001 and has done a lot for the profile of British fashion. Alongside her many awards and juggling various clothing, skincare, lingerie and baby lines, she was chosen to design the Olympic outfits in 2012.

Helen Mirren

We don’t know what Helen’s trick is, but she seems to be getting better with age, outshining many of the younger starlets on the red carpet. Also looks like the type of woman who’d be great to have a pint with in the pub.

Kate Winslet

When Kate stepped out on the red carpet at the Titanic 3D release, she made all her other other co-stars look as if they’d been asleep in a dehydrator machine. It’s not all about looks though, we know, and Kate manages to juggle being a mum of two (well, three now, when she gives birth) and commands a lot of respect in Hollywood.