07/06/2013 08:00 BST

News Anchor And Weather Reporter Can't Stand Each Other (VIDEO)

Want to enjoy a slice of real-life 'Anchorman'? You've come to the right place!

Because newsreader Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson - colleagues on Philadelphia's CBS 3 news channel - don't appear to like each other very much. And what's more, they're not very good at hiding it.

YouTuber Greg Strysky has made a compilation video highlighting the ladies' snide remarks and barely disguised disdain - and it makes for really rather brilliant viewing.

Unsurprisingly, CBS denies that there's any problem between the pair. "This video has been grossly edited out of context," Joanne Calabria, vice-president of public affairs, told Daily Intelligencer. "Both Carol and Nicole are professional broadcasters who have great respect for each other and happen to be the closest of colleagues — both inside and outside the office."

And Brewer and Erickson have taken to Twitter to back that up:

So that's that sorted, then. Except - wait. Nicole, you weren't being sarcastic, were you..?